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Some of The Main Event's most popular Menus....

Norfolk's Main Event: The Cromer Crab!
The success of these menus and the price charged obviously depends upon seasonality and venue. Norfolk Samphire, delicious with lemon butter alongside Baked Sea Bass, will only be found when the tide's out in late May 'til the end of July. Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puds are not so easily provided in the middle of a ploughed field in a marquee with no cooking facilities! Difficult but not impossible with the right planning and budget! And if you want to keep your Wedding Reception budget in check,  go for our delicious two course Fork Buffet. Or choose just two courses instead of three. Remember, nothing is set in stone and we can offer complete flexibility when it comes to budget. We believe that, with compromise on both sides, we will be able to help bring your dream Wedding Reception in on both budget and detail.

..ready for picking! Norfolk Samphire from Thornham's marshes - mmm....tasty!The price indicated next to each menu is merely a guide (influenced by seasonality, venue facilities, guest numbers and the date of the event)  and includes the use of white table linen and napkins, crockery and cutlery. Staff are charged separately at an hourly rate of £12 per staff member, enabling you to have some control over service costs - see our booking information page for details. The best way to get an accurate, no obligation quote is to give us a few details and timings and we'll be able to work out a cost for you.


Menu 1.    approx. £26.25 per person
Homemade Pate with caramelised plum and onion jam; walnut bread.

Poach-roasted Chicken Breast filled with minced chicken, mushroom, herbs and garlic; served on gratin potatoes and ratatouille with steamed seasonal vegetables.

Apricot and Almond Tart with honey and vanilla ice cream.
Coffee and chocolate mints.  
Menu 2.   approx £28.50 per person
Tappas Sharing Platter (served centre table for guests to help themselves - a good ice breaker) and includes:
rustic breads, balsamic, olive oil; hummus; roasted artichokes; sunblush tomatoes and feta; olives; salami; chorizo; marinaded anchovies, frittatta and garlic prawns.

Slow-roasted Norfolk farm-reared Pork Shoulder, crackling and cider apples;  bravas potatoes,  seasonal vegetables.

Fresh Fruits with cinnamon cream and blackcurrant concasse.
Coffee and chocolate mints.       
Menu 3.  approx. £24.85 per person
Potted Smoked Mackerel, horseradish creme fraiche, lemon-dressed rocket and crostini.

Bangers'n'Mash with roasted onion gravy, honey-glazed carrots and seasonal steamed vegetables.

Toffee and Hazelnut Crush (layers of crushed meringue, vanilla ice, toffee sauce, hazelnuts and whipped cream)
Coffee and chocolate mints.    
Menu 4.   approx. 26.95 per person
Spiced crispy Duck in an aromatic Asian Noodle Salad, chilli, ginger, soy and lime dressing.

Baked Fillet of Salmon on Tagliatelle; lemon, smoked salmon and mascarpone sauce. Steamed Norfolk Samphire.

Seasonal Fruit Pavlova.
Coffee and Chocolate Mints.                                                                                                

Fruits of the Sea - you can't beat Norfolk's coastline!

Menu 5.(each course price listed separately)
East-End Fish Cart.  A real "wow" factor in mid-summer, this is intended to combine your canapes with a starter and  comprises an open cart sheltered by a canopy and with deep service trays into which we pile ice then Giant Crevettes, cracked Norfolk Oysters, Smoked Mackerel, Cockles, Whelks, Mussels, Oak-smoked Salmon, tempura Goujons of Sole, Crayfish Tails, Two-tone Salmon Terrine, North-sea Squid, Brown Shrimps, Shell-on Prawns, dressed local Crab, marinated Anchovies, dressed local Lobster, Smoked Halibut, Jellied Eels, Potted Shrimps, Smoked Trout, Home-cured Gravadlax and smoked Sprats......  dipping sauces, homemade breads, infused oils, salts and herbs. 
The cart contents are dependent upon seasonality, availability and market price and we estimate that, fully laden with all  components,  the maximum cost per person is in the region of £25 - £35.  
Should you wish to use the cart as a starter with just, say, 5 components (smoked salmon, oysters, crayfish, prawns and squid) market price could be as low as £15.50 per person.

Roast Sirloin of Norfolk Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, duck-fat roasties, red wine gravy and seasonal vegetables. approx. £19.75 per person

Creme Brulee with seasonal berries followed by coffee and mints approx £6.50 

BBQ Menu.  We will provide gas BBQ facilities sufficient to manage large guest numbers and one gazebo for shelter should weather be wet or windy. Ideal for a less formal wedding, preferably between May and September, prices from approx  £28 per person for
Cubes of Beef Ribeye marinaded and threaded onto skewers with mushrooms and peppers painted with barbecue sauce. (vegi alternative will be available)
Chicken drumsticks in honey, hoi-sin and plum sauce.
Homemade Beefburgers (ground beef, salt, pepper, little mild mustard, onion)
Perfick Pork's Sausages.
Fresh Salmon in a bag with dill butter and asparagus.
Hot, crispy Bravas potatoes.    A board of rustic breads.
Coronation Coleslaw/Penne Pasta with mushrooms and pesto/Cous Cous with raisins, sweet chilli, coriander and pine-nuts/Baked Giant Beans in roasted tomato and basil sauce/salad leaves with cherry tomatoes, onion, cucumber and aged balsamic.

Evening Buffet 1.
Warm Roast Pork Rolls with apple sauce, stuffing and crackling.
Cheeseboard with pickles, crackers and rustic breads.
Sausage and Onion Pie and Cheese and Onion Quiche.
Spiced Chicken Drumsticks with aioli
Coleslaw                              £7.95

Evening Buffet 2.
A Cheese Table with three classic cheeses - Mature Farmhouse Cheddar, blue Stilton and rich, creamy Brie served with pickles, celery, grapes, crackers and rustic breads                                                     £5.75

If your preference is for something simple later in the evening, we have three very popular options, one served per person:- 
(i)    Bacon Butties with Heinz Tomato Ketchup and HP sauce  3.50
(ii)   Hot Roast Pork Baps, crackling, stuffing and apple sauce  4.50
(iii)  Pitta Kebabs - either chicken or pork stirfried with onions and served in a warm pitta pocket filled with salad; chilli sauce, garlic mayo and tomato relish 5.75

Our Standard Buffet Menu- you pre-order the starter and dessert which will be served to your guests at their table then they are served their main course from the buffet table:

Chicken Liver Pate with caramelised plum and onion jam, rustic bread or
Chilled Melon with feta and mint, raspberry coulis
No Buffet Table complete without honey and mustard glazed whole Gammon studded with cloves.
Homecooked Ham.
Roast Turkey with cranberry, sage and onion stuffing.
Dressed Cold Poached Salmon with lemon and dill mayonnaise.
Stilton, garlic and mushroom Quiche.
Baskets of Rustic Breads.
Homemade Coleslaw.
Penne Pasta with tuna, sweetcorn and pesto
Dressed Leaves with cherry tomatoes and red onion.
Buttered warm new potatoes.

Classic Old English Sherry Trifle or
Chocolate Brownie with warm chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Coffee with chocolate mints.         2 courses (main and dessert) £23.50  
                                                        3 courses approx. £27.50

Gala Carved Buffet- you pre-order two starters and two desserts and guests then are served their main course from the Buffet Table whilst Chef carves the joints of meat:

Oak-smoked Salmon with blinis and keta on roasted beets with horseradish and celariac remoullade  or
Spiced Crispy Duck on an aromatic Asian Noodle Salad with ginger, chilli, soy and lime dressing or
Pearls of Melon set in Champagne Jelly

Honey and Mustard Glazed Ham.
Roast Sirloin of Norfolk Beef.
Warm parmesan crusted Breast of Chicken with aioli.
Roasted Vegetable and Pesto Tart with toasted Goats' Cheese.
Dressed Cold Poached Salmon with lemon and dill mayonnaise.
Dwarf Beans, peas, ribbons of courgette and pea shoots with a zingy lemon and olive oil dressing.
Hot buttered minted New Potatoes and baskets of rustic breads.
Dressed Seasonal Leaves with shavings of Parmigiano.
Orzo Pasta salad with tomato, onion and basil
Cous-cous with coriander, sweet chilli, raisins and almonds.

Mocha Creme Brulee with coffee macaroons or     
Banoffee Trifle with fresh bananas, toffee sauce and toasted almonds or
Seasonal Fruit Pavlova.

Coffee with chocolate mints.                                               approx.  £36.00 per person

Fork Buffet -a no-choice option, quite filling and tasty:
Sticky sausages for your buffet table
Marinaded Chicken Breast baked in parmesan crumbs, garlic mayo.
Best Pork Sausages roasted in honey and mustard.  
Pork and Apple Pie.                  
Cheese, Tomato and Onion Quiche 
Assorted Open Rolls, (Ham, Egg Mayo, Salmon and Cucumber, Cheese and Pickle, Hummus and roasted vegetables).
Bowls of Salad Leaves with tomato, onion and cucumber, balsamic dressing.
Homemade Coleslaw.

Chocolate Trifle and Lemon Cheesecake
Coffee and chocolate mints.                                               approx.  £12.50 per person

Canapes:(just a few to whet your appetite)                              £2.75 each or 
                                                                                                       £10 for 4 canapes

Tartlets- crisp, flaky pastry with a variety of fillings: stilton and mushroom; posh bacon and egg; smoked salmon, chives and mascarpone; caramelised onion with goats' cheese; asparagus, gruyere and red pepper essence.
Mini Quiche- smoked haddock and cheddar; cheese and onion; bacon and mushroom; smoked salmon and chive; stilton and spinach; salmon and ricotta.
Miniature Kebab Sticks - some warm, some cold, choose from: melon, feta and mint; roasted vegetables; chicken tikka with coriander and lime dipping sauce; garlic prawn with aioli; pork belly with crackling and apple; butternut squash, pepper and golden raisins.
Hoi-sin Duck Rolls - shredded aromatic duck rolled with spring onion, cucumber and hoi-sin in crisp filo; plum dipping sauce.
Lamb Meatballs- seasoned with cumin and garlic, served with minted yoghurt dipping pots.
Goujons of Fish- whatever's sustainable, served with tartar sauce.
Crayfish and Lime - spoons of shredded lettuce, crayfish and lime creme fraiche.
Smoked Salmon Blinis - with sour cream and chives.
Scotch Quail's Eggs - warm with soft centres.
Savoury Profiteroles - filled with shredded fried beef and onions
Pot Noodle - stirfried pork, noodles and shredded vegetables in hoi-sin, oyster sauce, sweet chilli and soy served in a mini bamboo pot with bamboo fork

Autumn Harvest display for a Corporate Buffet TableFuneral Buffet - we will provide friendly and discreet staff to serve tea, coffee and a buffet which is suitable to the occasion, but also substantial enough should family and friends have travelled some distance to attend. We will wash up and clear away, storing any left-overs for you or your guests.
Alternatively, we can deliver the food on serving platters, provide disposable plates and napkins, and return at a time convenient to yourself to collect the platters. Please see our dedicated "Occasions" page for a list of menus and prices.

This represents just some of the menus we can create for your Event, large or small and we pay the same attention to detail whether catering for a lavish Wedding Reception or a private dinner party at home. We have many more starters, mains and desserts for you to consider, so do contact us.